Unveiling the Success of Seller Sessions and Scale for Etail: Insights and Connection

May 25, 2023



What a busy week that was for Jana! She hopped back and forth from Berlin to London to share her knowledge at 3 extraordinary conferences: Seller Sessions in London, and the ScaleForEtail forums in London and Berlin. Jana was a first-time speaker at all of these conferences, and she was definitely excited to share her knowledge, meet sellers and clients, get to know each market more intimately, and to reconnect with old friends. Scroll on through for highlights!

Seller Sessions: Expanding Horizons with SEO and Google Manipulation

Danny McMillan did it again! What a success Seller Sessions was. And what a privilege it was to speak at one of Europe’s most prestigious eCommerce events.

This time, Jana did not speak on localization and expansion. She was actually asked to talk about SEO and Google Manipulation – talk about unchartered territory. Nevertheless, 15 years of experience in eCommerce will equip one to handle the talk with incredible success – and a success the talk was, for sure. The positive feedback that YLT has received since then reaffirms the success of this exciting departure from Jana’s usual focus. After all, SEO and Google is an area of improvement for many Amazon sellers, who tend to hyper-focus on Amazon SEO. Many Amazon sellers therefore miss out on the performance boost that external traffic affords them.

Check out the photos for a glimpse of this fun-filled event.


ScaleForEtail: Optimizing Amazon Listings for Success

London and Berlin played host to the thriving Scale for Etail events, where Jana shared valuable insights on optimizing Amazon listings to outperform competitors. It was her first time to speak to a German audience in 3 long years – she actually addressed them in English, because German is tough to maintain if you don’t speak it regularly (according to Mosalingua, it’s the 6th hardest language to learn!). Jana decided to speak in English to ensure effective communication – and since the response was overwhelmingly positive, she made the right decision.

Interestingly, Jana gained a profound appreciation for the Germans’ preference for logical, non-nonsense Amazon listings. German value tangible benefits over marketing fluff, so it’s crucial to present listings with clarity and factual evidence. YLT is particular about this: check out this blog where we talk about the different buying habits of Europeans vs. Americans. We also talk about why expanding to Europe is a good idea for Amazon sellers. Meeting German sellers and customers at ScaleForEtail was an eye opener: it was great to meet people who reinforced the optimization tips that YLT Translations espouses for the German market.

ScaleForEtail London was also amazing. The food was wonderful, the venue was breathtaking, and meeting customers was fantastic. Face-to-face encounters strengthens the bond that YLT has with its clientele, and allows for in-depth discussions about strategies and goals. At the very least, it underscores the human element at the heart of our work here at YLT Translations.

Check out these fun photos:

Dropping the Knowledge and Fostering the Connections that Matter

Jana’s participation in Seller Sessions and Scale for Etail left an indelible mark on YLT’s journey in eCommerce. By sharing knowledge, connecting with industry peers, and meeting clients face-to-face, Jana and the team gains invaluable insights that will continue to drive success. Suffice it to say we love coming to conferences – where we can share the lessons we’ve learned, make new connections, learn new things, and have tons of fun!

Hope to see you at the next conferences – stay tuned to find out more!

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Special thanks and congratulations are due: Danny McMillan and his team and the whole Avask Team for pulling off a successful Seller Sessions, and Zignify for a pair of fun-filled and fantastic ScaleForEtail conferences. Thanks for having us!