Meet Our Professional Team

Our team consists of native speakers and translators with more than seven years of experience with MAs and PhDs in the target language. They have also been awarded different scholarships such as NORLA translation grant – Norwegian translations, Konstanz University for German translations, members of various associations ( PRO, Translators without borders and many more).
Meet some of the translators from our team:

  • Jana Krekic
    Jana Krekic

    Norwegian language

  • Indigo Trigg-Hauger
    Indigo Trigg-Hauger

    Norwegian language
    English (US) language

  • Anna Persson
    Anna Persson

    Swedish language

  • Jan Krasni
    Jan Krasni

    German language

  • Maxim Garkavij
    Maxim Garkavij

    Swedish language