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Seller Sessions with Danny MacMillan: Translations gone bad

Seller Sessions with Danny MacMillan: Translations gone bad

Successful Scales with Yoni Kozminski: Transition to Entrepreneurship, Scaling A Large Fully Remote & Dispersed Team with Jana Krekic – Founder of YLT Translations

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Ep 13: Best way to grow your brand on Amazon

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Seller Labs: Resonate 2021 Digital Content Series: Translate your listings into Sales

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What sets us apart from all other translation agencies out there, is that our team knows Amazon. Our team consists of 43 native translators, proofreaders and our management…

Terrevista trails

Terrevista Trails

My company has a private label product which we have been selling on Amazon UK for a number of years. There are two parent ASINS each with 8 colour variations…

Boehouse limited

As you can see we have had an incredibly increase in sales revenue. Much of which we attribute to translating our listings through YLT.

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