How we work – Introduction to Amazon Product Listing Optimization, Localization and Translation

How Amazon Sellers Can Optimize, Translate and Localize Product Listings to Increase Sales?

If you’re planning or already selling on Amazon, it’s likely that at some point in the future, you’ll need to optimize your Amazon product listing.

Many Amazon sellers have bad, not optimized product listings which is costing them money.

Optimized product listings on Amazon, which are informative, high-quality, and persuasive, may positively affect your product rankings and help you accelerate your sales.

If you want to expand your Amazon business globally, you will need to translate and localize your product listings, so that your Amazon listings suit the target marketplace and customer.

We at YLT Translations are offering product listing translations to thirteen languages.

Our translation and optimization services for European Amazon marketplace include fifteen countries:
Czech Republic

YLT Translations team is one of the few who is also doing product listing translations to:

  • Japanese language for Amazon Japan
  • Spanish (Mexican) for Amazon Mexico
  • Portuguese for Amazon Brazil
  • French for Amazon Canada
  • Arabic language for Amazon Middle East (UAE and Saudi Arabia).
how we work

The Problem

Poorly optimized product listings lead to less clicks, lower conversion rates and are surely costing you money.

So, you see that you are loosing money, drive traffic to your competitors, but don’t know how to change it?


The Solution

It is important to find experienced experts who understand how Amazon market work, and who understand how localized translations and properly optimized Amazon listings can help you grow your business .

Here are 4 reasons why YLT Translations is a good solution for all your problems.

We have experience and all the important knowledge of how the A9 Amazon algorithm works.

Working with over xxx clients and companies, has helped us understand Amazon sellers’ needs and goals.

We know how to properly use keyword research, listing optimization, localization and translation to help you boost your sales.

We deliver perfectly and on time.


The System

The key to our success is having a good organizational system and a team of quality Amazon listing optimization experts, native translators and localization professionals.

We have done this for years and we are completely in on the AMZ game.

YLT Translation offers professional Amazon Listing Translation, Localization and Optimization Services.

FAQs About Amazon Listing Optimization, Translation and Localization

What makes us different and better than other Amazon listing translators?

  • Our native translators has a great knowledge of the cultural and linguistic differences of your target market
  • YLT Amazon Listing Translators have excellent language, marketing and writing skills
  • Our native translators are not just translators but also product listing experts and professionals with strong Amazon SEO skills.
  • We offer translations to 13 different languages.
  • Our process

    How Does the Product Listing Translation, Optimization and Localization Process Look Like?

    Our process