Helium 10’s Sell + Scale Summit: Why Content is Key

Sep 13, 2022



Optimized Listings can beat your competitors! That’s something Helium 10 knows for sure.

You’ve probably seen listings on Amazon that have almost no content on them. The bullet points might be a sentence or two, and the titles are less than 100 characters. On the other hand, there are listings with really badly done content – they’re incomprehensible and a pain to read. The short story is, optimized listings can put you ahead of your competitors.

Now, you could stop reading there and be done with it! Or you could join YLT Translations at the Sell + Scale Summitwhich takes place in Las Vegas from September 19- 22. Come join Luna and Jana as they discuss listing optimization – and come see Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Amy Jo Martin, Jeff Cohen, and more in action. The keynote speakers alone are already a big reason to go!

What is the Sell + Scale Summit?

The summit starts with a beach party, followed by a two day conference spearheaded by industry greats and influential thought leaders. In fact, Helium 10 has assembled an Industry Advisory Council whose “experience and expertise help ensure that the Sell + Scale Summit exceeds expectations for sellers in attendance.” The idea is to take the voice of the attendees and makes sure that their expectations are met, and value is achieved.

The council includes notable Amazon experts like Brandon Young of Data Dive, Chris McCabe of eCommerce Chris, Destaney Wishon of BetterAMS, and so many more. If there’s any group that understands the pain points and gain points of the Amazon seller, the IAC would. Since these great individuals are representing you, and others like you, you can expect every Helium 10 event to be incredible and filled with value.

What is YLT Translations up to?

On the 19th, Jana is doing the Elite Workshop.

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She’ll discuss the balance between targeted copywriting and expert keyword research, and how a solid listing is crucial to your success on Amazon.

Then, you’ll get to see her again during the conference, when she talks about unlocking new opportunities for your products on international marketplaces. Did you catch Jana’s guest session on the Empire Flippers podcast? She dabbles a little on international expansion. There were so many intriguing insights in that podcast, you can just imagine how many she’ll drop in person at Sell + Scale.

Besides, you’ll also get to meet Luna, who helps to keep YLT Translations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

How does all of that sound?

Hope to see you there! Make sure you sign up at https://www.sellandscalesummit.com/home/begin