What a Mountain Bike Race and YLT Translations Have in Common

Sep 7, 2022



YLT Translations is a proud sponsor of the Ninja MTB Team. Spearheaded by YLT’s good friend, Kristian Stimac, Ninja MTB was born in Croatia, and is made of people who are into hiking, trails, alpinism, and many more outdoor sports. Now, what exactly does a localization firm have in common with a mountain bike race and mountain bikers?

Before we get into that, did you know that Jana herself loves the outdoors? She even used to run half-marathons. So, being athletic is not too far off from YLT Translations’ core!

Back to mountain bike racing. So much of racing echoes the value set of a successful entrepreneur.


Ninja MTB competes in the epic races. This is a partnered race, where you race in tandem, and your partner cannot reach the finish line more than 10 seconds after you. So, it’s important that you look out for each other, and push each other to succeed.

One reason our clients love working with us is because of teamwork. We are very close as a team – in fact, check out the annual get-together that Jana throws for team members that can make it. We function like a well-oiled team, because we look out for each other, and push each other to do our best. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients, because we believe in collaboration as a crucial aspect to a successful listing. You let us know your marketing objectives, and we’ll translate that through effective language and localization.

But teamwork is also crucial for entrepreneurs. At one point, you have to scale; you can’t handle everything on your own. You’ll have to outsource some tasks or hire staff of your own. Managing people is no easy feat, and it takes a leap of faith and so much self-awareness, but teamwork can make that easier.

Trust your team, the way that Ninja MTB trusts each other.

Ambition and Drive

Another thing that YLT Translations and Ninja MTB have in common is ambition and drive. When you’re in a mountain bike race, you’re focused on the goal. You know where you have to end up. You have to tune out the noise – the birds chirping in the trees, weather, terrain, and to a certain extent, how your competitors are doing.

At YLT, we’re focused on getting our clients the conversion rate optimization they deserve. We share our clients’ ambitions and goals – and we have that single-minded approach to localization, namely getting it done the right way so your target market can identify with your listing. We are also focused on our goals. We want to keep providing more and more value to the Amazon seller circuit as the leading localization firm in the e-Commerce space. We strongly believe in what we do, and we have seen the results of our efforts. We are driven to continue helping people the best way we know how.

Perseverance and Determination

The Epic race is one of the hardest mountain bike races in the world. You need to put your head in the game if you’re going to win. Imagine maneuvering two wheels across unforgiving terrain, knowing you can slip on a rock and tumble into a ditch, or break your bike – or even break a bone! You can’t afford to think like that if you’re going to win the Epic race. You can’t let the circumstances around you affect your performance. You just have to ride over the terrain, rocky and smooth, and have confidence in your abilities. You will win. You will succeed.

The life of an entrepreneur is exactly like this. Some trails are rocky, some are smooth. Some are quiet, some are not. Others have great views, and others can be so difficult, you want to throw in the towel. But you keep on going. You keep pushing. Because you have a dream, and it’s your dream. Go and achieve it; nobody else will achieve this dream but you!

Lessons Learned from Mountain Bike Racing

At YLT Translations, we believe in supporting new talent. Jana loves to build up her team. She loves to encourage them to grow and succeed. She provides the example of a successful entrepreneur with a never-say-die attitude – which is the same positive attitude that a pro athlete shares.

So, we do love to support outdoor sports, the environment, and team activities. We also love nature, so it’s important for us to promote being eco-friendly.

But more than that, we believe in making peoples’ dreams come true. After all, what is entrepreneurship, if not a crazy dream, that people make come true everyday?

You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins. — Jim Stovall