When Localization Goes Local: the YLT End of Year Party

Jan 11, 2022




The funny thing about remote work is, you create relationships with people you’ve never even seen in person. I believe that the strength of an organization is its people – but even more so in the world of translations and localization, where output rides on the backs of engaged and happy translators. It’s been my priority since the beginning to provide a conducive working environment for my people.

That’s why this year’s holiday celebration and year-end party was so special to me. I was so grateful that 20 of our team leads, project managers, and senior translators were able to fly to Belgrade for the first time to actually see each other in person.

We were together for 2 days. It was so nice getting to bond with them and get to know them better. Several times, someone would introduce themselves, and someone else would say, “So THAT’S you!” They were finally able to put a face to the name they’d been emailing and coordinating with. As a business owner, seeing my team so enthusiastic was heartwarming. was their first time to see and interact with one another. I couldn’t get over how happy they were to finally meet!

On Friday, we met for a fine dining dinner, where the meet-and-greet actually took place. We had an intimate opening party serenaded by some live music. It was festive, friendly, and so wonderful.

On Saturday, we went on a tour of Belgrade, and visited the Nikola Tesla museum. Then we did a traditional DIY activity together involving creating patterns on a ball with wool and a needle – this was such a great bonding time, plus the team got to bring their creations home. It was so nice to see how proud they were of their work! I sat there in the middle of my translators, watching them make their works of art, joining them with my own ball of wool too. It felt so good to share this traditional Serbian activity with them.

Then we had lunch at the best Italian restaurant in Belgrade. Our dinner meanwhile was at a traditional Serbian restaurant, complete with Serbian music, and a lovely cake to commemorate YLT’s 3rd anniversary.

My heart is so full. I am so happy the team had so much fun. I was able to welcome them to Belgrade, my home town, and that made it so much more special to me. I’m really looking forward to next year, to the progress, the surprises, the milestones, and the lessons that wait for YLT and our wonderful team!

We had so much to celebrate in 2020. Our 3rd year anniversary was wonderful to me – it reminded me how we started out with 4 team members, and now we’re 82!

I wish I could fly everyone to Belgrade. It was so heartwarming seeing the fellowship and the festivities. It spurred me on to do more this 2022 because I’m surrounded by such a wonderful team. At the very least, they deserve the success of the team they stand behind!

So, on behalf of YLT Translations, happy holidays – Happy New Year. Let 2022 be the best year EVER. (And not 2020-too as comedians are calling it!)


Love, Jana