How Amazon Sellers Can Make More Money with KDP in International Markets

Feb 9, 2020



Publishing a book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program is another avenue through which Amazon sellers can make money through the platform. We provide several key tips for generating revenue on Amazon, locally and abroad.

Amazon sellers have several ways through which they can make money on the platform. Along with selling physical goods, they can also self-publish an e-book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program and make it available to readers worldwide. Readers can access the content through either a Kindle device or the Kindle app on smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon (KDP) is one of the most preferred publishing methods for authors, holding almost 80% of all e-books published. The program is available in North America and in several international markets, as well, making it extremely profitable even for new writers, who have the opportunity to broaden their audience and cash in on the revenue generated as a result. 

There are many perks of using KDP, and all you have to do is create an account and access the features, such as formatting content, tracking of book sales and the free conversion of files to the preferred formatting.

 So, how can an author make money with KDP online, especially in the international markets?


Generate the Content First

Writing your book is usually the first stage of the process. It is the most important stage of the whole process as everything in later stages depends on the material that you offer your readers. Ensure that content is tailor-made for local and international markets. What we mean is that writers should be knowledgeable about what is acceptable in one region and not acceptable in others. Check the language and tone you use, as well as cultural-sensitive issues that may cause mayhem later. Do not use adult-audience language for a children’s book and ensure that the content can be translated into different languages, depending on the markets you wish to penetrate.


Format and Design the Cover 

One of the most important factors in getting your book noticed and read is its cover. While it might be tempting to use a generic cover, such as those provided by Amazon, doing so could hurt your exposure and bottom line. If you are not artistically inclined or have the relevant photo-editing skills, we advise you to outsource this step to professionals skilled in designing attractive book covers. You can find them easily online through websites such as DeviantArt or Fiverr.


Sign Up for the KDP Program and Get the Promotions Rolling

Signing up for the KDP program is easy and straightforward and is necessary to receive your royalties. Please note that users can also borrow your book. Amazon will pay you royalties for this also. Once you sign up, set a specific date that you are going to run promotions for your book to keep track of the sales generated on the promotion’s date. Note that the sales may exceed your expected target, and they should be only a baseline for the promotions or deals.


Make it to the Top-20 or Best-Selling List and Stay There

Ranking high on the best selling list gives your book visibility. After a promotion, you will notice that downloads will positively influence the rank of your book on Amazon. This boost allows your books to be seen by prospective readers who might be interested in the book later. After the promotion is over, ensure that you stay there longer as this will generate revenue for you long after the sales period is expired. And, one of the easiest ways to get on top is by creating a ‘freebies’ deal that will trigger numerous downloads.

As a plus, a book that is downloaded many times quickly escalates into the recommendation or the cross-promotion section. If a customer buys a book similar to yours, Amazon will automatically cross-promote the book for you, garnering a bigger audience. Buyers who download books will likely give a review about the contents, or even a 5-star rating depending on how good the material is.


The Bottom Line

If you are already an Amazon FBA seller, then you already know the value of the Amazon platform for earning money. Publishing a book through Amazon’s KDP program is another way you can make money through the gigantic online retailer. Even if you’re a struggling author who has never sold anything online before, KDP could be your chance to get your novel read by millions of hungry readers worldwide.

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