ECommerce Localization and Building Brand Trust: Why Content Localization is Crucial for Your Amazon Business

Oct 13, 2023



In the bustling world of eCommerce, especially on platforms like Amazon, the landscape is vast and incredibly diverse. As an Amazon seller, you’re not just addressing your immediate surroundings—you’re reaching out to a global audience. But here’s a little secret: a translated product description doesn’t automatically mean you’ve connected with your overseas audience. True connection stems from the art of localization, and that’s where the prowess of YLT Translations comes into play. It’s crucial to build brand trust, which is why content localization is crucial for your expanding Amazon business. Now, creating brand trust across borders is not an easy task, but it’s worth it.

Think about it – English is the native tongue in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Approximately 370 million people speak it natively, and 898 million speak it non-natively. There are currently more than 8 billion people on Planet Earth. That means roughly 15% of people are comfortable in English. Now, consider that around 75% of consumers prefer to buy a product written in their native language – and that half of consumers in the ChatLingual survey said that accessing information in their native language holds greater significance than the cost of a product – and there stands a solid case for ecommerce localization in building brand trust.

Let’s get into the benefits of ecommerce localization, and its role in building brand trust in your Amazon Business.

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eCommerce Localization, Cultural Sensitivity, and Brand Trust

Amazon’s vast reach is both an opportunity and a challenge. Yes, you have the potential to reach millions of users across the globe, but with this expansive reach comes the responsibility of understanding the cultural nuances of each region (imagine, the number of Amazon users in the world is over 310 million, and 80% of these users are from the USA!). Consider this: a product that enjoys moderate success in one market might skyrocket in another, all based on its cultural appeal.

Take, for example, L’Oréal, whose expansion to Southeast Asian countries involved putting up a halal-certified facility in Indonesia. A representative mentioned that a majority of their Garnier product line, ranging from facial cleansers to skin-whitening creams, has received halal certification. Or, consider wooden toys, which do well in Germany but not in the USA. Or perhaps a product that’s usually marketed to young girls in the USA, suddenly being adopted by a female young adult demographic in Japan.

The point is, localization is key to understanding market trends. We talk more about localizing market research; make sure you give that a look.

Crafting a Seamless Shopping Experience:

We’ve all been there—browsing products online and coming across a description that just seems… off. It’s jarring, and more often than not, it diminishes our trust in the product. This is the aftermath of relying solely on translation without embracing the depth of localization.

But what does a truly localized Amazon listing look like? Imagine your product feeling as familiar to a shopper in Tokyo as it does to someone in New York. The images, descriptions, user reviews—every touchpoint should exude a sense of familiarity and trustworthiness. It’s about ensuring that the shopper feels like the product belongs to their local market, even if it’s shipped from thousands of miles away.

The same goes for your external marketing. Although the other marketplaces aren’t as competitive as the US’, it still helps to attract customers to your product listing through external marketing. If you’ve made strides to localize your listing, localize your external marketing, too.

Standing Out in the Amazon Jungle:

The Amazon marketplace is teeming with sellers, each vying for the attention of consumers. In this dense forest, your edge isn’t just the product—it’s also how you present it. While many sellers may overlook the power of localization, those in the know understand its value. A customer who feels a product “speaks” to them is exponentially more likely to make a purchase.

This is where YLT Translations shines. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of each market, we ensure your product listings aren’t just informative, but also relatable and genuine. And in the world of eCommerce, where physical touchpoints are absent, this relatability becomes the bridge to trust and sales.

You see, our translators don’t just translate. We have what we like to call the Localization Triumvirate for Amazon listings success – which means, our team is full of native speakers, who are also copywriters and completely abreast of Amazon’s terms of service in each country they localize to. We’ve helped many clients make the right and informed decisions when it comes to their global expansion, because the assumption that if something works in the USA then it’ll work across the globe simply isn’t correct.

The Bottom Line: ROI and Localization:

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. At first glance, localization might seem like an added expense—a luxury, perhaps. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s an investment, one that promises substantial returns. Also, consider that our services are way less expensive than professional photography (which is a non-negotiable).

Proper localization can elevate your product’s visibility on Amazon’s search algorithms. A listing that aligns with local tastes and cultures often garners better reviews, translating to higher rankings. Over time, this leads to increased sales, repeat purchases, and even organic word-of-mouth recommendations in new markets.

In simpler terms, with YLT Translations, every dollar spent on localization is a step towards maximizing your global revenue.

Collaborating with the Best: Why YLT Translations?:

The digital landscape is flooded with translation services, but YLT Translations is in a league of its own. Our edge? A profound understanding of eCommerce dynamics, especially within the Amazon ecosystem. Our team isn’t just linguistically proficient; they’re commercially astute, ensuring your products don’t just translate, but truly shine in every market.

The democratization of global selling by Amazon is a boon, but to leave an indelible mark, one must venture beyond mere translation. It’s about resonating on a level that feels personal, about speaking the language of trust, relevance, and local nuance. And when you’re looking for a partner to guide you through this journey in the world of eCommerce, YLT Translations stands as your unwavering ally.

Ready to elevate your Amazon store to international heights? Keen on refining your listings for a truly global appeal? Don’t wait. Connect with YLT Translations today and embark on a journey that promises global reach and resonance.

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