Ask Jana: Insights on Localization and eCommerce Success

Jun 23, 2023



Welcome to the first edition of “Ask Jana,” where Jana answers burning questions from the eCommerce community about localization. In this edition, Jana shares her expert insights on a range of topics surrounding localization and eCommerce success, from customer service automation to the impact of packaging, the importance of networking, and more. Let’s dive in – and if you have questions regarding optimization, conversion, localization, and more that you’d like Jana to answer, don’t hesitate to throw us a line!

Q: Is it a good idea to automate customer service?

Jana: For basic customer inquiries, integrating AI through APIs can be an effective solution. However, I believe that not all customer service questions should be automated. Personalized support and human touch are crucial for building strong customer relationships. Therefore, while AI can assist with answering simple queries, it’s important to balance automation with the human touch.

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Q: Do inserts and packaging really matter? What impact do they have on conversion?

Jana: Absolutely! Inserts and packaging can have a significant impact on conversion rates. Thinking outside the box, quite literally, can leave a lasting impression on your customers. Creative and thoughtful packaging can enhance the overall brand experience and generate positive word-of-mouth. When customers receive a package that surprises and delights them, it increases the chances of repeat purchases and positive reviews.

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Q: CTR vs. Conversion: which wins?

Jana: When it comes to copywriting and product listings, it’s essential to focus on conversion. While click-through rates (CTR) are important for attracting potential customers, conversion should be the ultimate goal. To achieve this, your copy should be relevant, engaging, and resonate with your target audience. Additionally, invest in high-quality product images that showcase why customers should choose your brand over competitors. Thoroughly research your competitors and ensure that your listings rank well for keywords that accurately represent and describe your products.

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Q: Which countries should I expand to?

Jana: Utilize YLT’s AMOR (Analyze, Market Research, Optimize, Rollout) framework to identify promising expansion opportunities. In Europe, countries like Germany, the UK, France, Spain, and Italy show great potential in the eCommerce market. In fact, we’ve noticed a spike in Italy-based e-Commerce lately, so that’s a market worth looking into. Same with the UK. Despite Brexit, there are ways to get your products to the UK. For example, consider registering for VAT in the Netherlands and shipping from there to expedite the process. Stay informed about emerging markets and adapt your strategy accordingly.

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Q: How should AI be used in product listings?

Jana: AI can be a valuable tool for copywriters to generate ideas, build templates, and simplify their workflow. However, it’s important to remember that AI is not yet creative enough to replace human input entirely. While AI can assist with generating listing foundations and templates, the final touch and creative decision-making should be done by humans. AI-generated images often have a similar appearance, making it apparent that they are not produced by humans. Nevertheless, AI has the potential to augment various professions; we just need humans to provide the finishing touches.

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Q: Why should I even network? Why are face-to-face events important?

Jana: Networking is vital for sellers in the eCommerce industry. By participating in masterminds and events, you have the opportunity to connect with all sorts of people who can share their experiences and solutions. Networking goes beyond receiving sales pitches from service providers; it allows you to form meaningful relationships. While some conferences may not have outstanding content in talks and presentations, the true value lies in the people you meet, the connections you make, and the opportunities that may arise in the future. I’ve met people at conferences, then seen them around the world 2-3 times after, and they’ve proven pivotal to my business, either by introducing me to new people or making me a member of a new mastermind that’s helped broaden my knowledge. Now, networking requires prioritization, so focus on events that align with your goals and avoid attending just out of fear of missing out. Remember, while networking is essential, it’s important to balance it with actively running your business.

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That wraps up the first edition of “Ask Jana.” We hope you found Jana’s insights on localization and eCommerce helpful. Stay tuned for more valuable Q&A sessions in the upcoming articles. If you have any burning questions about localization or eCommerce, feel free to submit them, and Jana might answer them in the next edition!

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