How to Sell on Amazon Netherlands: Your Amazon.NL eCommerce Guide for 2023

Nov 10, 2023



Selling on Amazon Netherlands can be a lucrative opportunity for retailers looking to expand their online presence to a new market. Whether you are a seasoned seller on Amazon’s international platforms or new to the whole eCommerce game, understanding the intricacies of the Dutch market and the unique dynamics of the Amazon.nl marketplace is helpful for future plans of expansion. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about becoming a successful seller on Amazon Netherlands.

This is an update to an article we published in 2020 about selling on Amazon.NL. Give it a read to give yourself context if you’re not yet aware of the potential of this promising Amazon marketplace.

The Amazon Netherlands Marketplace, Bol.com, and Other NL Marketplaces

Learn more about Amazon NL and other local eCommerce sites similar to Amazon.

All About the Official Amazon Marketplace in the Netherlands

As of October 2023,  Amazon.NL has had a total of 26.7 million visits in a month – that’s a growth of 12.72% – with an average of 7.11 pages per visit (statistics from Similar Web). It has an average visit duration of around 4 minutes, giving Amazon sellers precious little time to appeal to Dutch online customers.

Indeed, the Dutch are the heaviest demographic on Amazon Netherlands, with 80% of the share, a statistic that has grown 13.32% MOM. It’s followed closely by the Belgium market at 10%. Among this demographic, 55% are male, and 45% are female, and they tend to frequent categories in computers, electronics, and technology, followed by video games consoles and accessories and programming and developer software.

Many of the Dutch online shoppers hop on to Amazon.NL from streaming and online TV, meaning the Dutch are heavily influenced by media. Let this insight guide your marketing efforts when appealing to the Dutch customers.

Other Dutch Market Places

Aside from Amazon, the largest online retailer is bol.com, Amazon’s biggest competitor. On the 30th of March, 1999, the leading online retailer commenced operations. Over two decades later, as of 31st March 2023, Bol.com boasts a customer base of 13 million across the Netherlands and Belgium, offers a selection of 35 million products, and collaborates with 52,000 sales partners who use the Bol.com platform to market their products.

Other online marketplaces worth considering are coolblue.nl with11.9M monthly visits, mediamarket.nl with 5.9M monthly visits, and marktplaats.nl with a whopping 47.8M monthly visits.

Which Online Marketplace Should You Sell On?

Truthfully, it’s not necessary to choose. Whereas Amazon owns the market share in the Netherlands, these other online business models have their roots in European online and traditional retail. Many Europeans will shop at both – and even include shopping on the German site of Amazon. Before you make your decision to sell on any of these platforms, consider the following:

  1. Is your product line on Amazon.NL cheaper or more convenient on the other sites? Differentiation is key.
  2. How are you going to address positive and negative seller feedback and attend to customer reviews in Dutch?
  3. How will you attack delivery and shipping? According to March 2021 survey, 40% of Dutch customers prefer fast and reliable delivery. They also need a good return policy and items should be in stock. So don’t deliver late!

The good news is, using Amazon FBA is now possible in the Netherlands. Amazon employs around 1,250 individuals in the Netherlands, with its main office in Amsterdam, a sorting center in Rozenburg (DNL1), and a newly established fulfillment center in Almelo. The company’s delivery network in the Netherlands includes over 260 vans, with about 40 of these being electric. Amazon.nl currently offers access to over 600 million products. Amazon Prime members enjoy perks such as free shipping, unlimited streaming on Prime Video, access to Prime Gaming, and limitless storage with Amazon Photos. The product selection is continuously growing, with millions of items available for same-day delivery if ordered before noon, and an even larger array of products with next-day delivery options.

Selling Strategies for the Dutch Market on Amazon

Understanding the Dutch Ecommerce Landscape

The Dutch ecommerce landscape has its unique characteristics, including preferred payment methods, consumer preferences, and shopping habits. Adapting your selling strategies to align with the Dutch market trends will give you a competitive edge and enhance your sales performance on Amazon Netherlands.

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 80% of Dutch customers shop offline; this is probably because the Dutch like developing a personal connection with brands, and like to see brand values and integrity at work
  • Similar to the Germans, the Dutch appreciate straightforward content; veer away from flowery and verbose sales language
  • Although they are loyal to branded goods, the Dutch believe strongly against showing off wealth, so any product that would scream flamboyance would not resonate with the market
  • The Netherlands is the 2nd largest exporter of agricultural products worldwide – so sustainable products, environmentally-friendly packaging, and eco-friendly manufacturing are all a priority
  • The Dutch are ad-aware and they don’t generally like to waste time, so be careful with your marketing efforts
  • They also favor second-hand or old items

Also, don’t forget that the customers in the Netherlands are also using Amazon Germany. You might want to learn more about expanding to the German market.

Optimizing Your Product Listings for Dutch Customers

Understanding the language and cultural nuances of the Dutch market is essential for optimizing your product listings and making them appealing to local customers. Tailoring your product descriptions and marketing content to resonate with Dutch consumers can significantly improve your sales performance on Amazon.nl.

We’ve been translating listings from German and English to Dutch for years now – even way before Amazon Netherlands opened up. Suffice it to say that we’re familiar with this market and can help you tailor-fit your business to appeal to the online shopping habits of the Dutch. Make sure to adapt the tips for selling in the German blog to appeal to the nuances in your Dutch clientele:

  • Openness vs Privacy: Dutch people have a more transparent approach to privacy, unlike the more private German lifestyle.
  • Hierarchy: The Dutch have flat hierarchies and informal relations at work, while Germans maintain clearer hierarchies and formality.
  • Communication Style: Dutch communication is direct but relationship-oriented; consensus is key. Germans communicate formally, with a focus on factual content.
  • Decision-Making: In the Netherlands, decisions are made inclusively, valuing team consensus. In Germany, decisions often follow a more top-down approach.
  • Independence: Dutch culture values self-initiative and independent problem-solving, whereas German culture emphasizes structure and protocol adherence.
  • Management Style: Dutch managers act as coaches, fostering employee development. German managers may be more directive and authoritative.
  • Social Interaction: Dutch social life is relaxed, with humor and self-irony common. Germans may come across as more reserved and formal.
  • Adaptability to Rules: Dutch people are pragmatic and flexible with rules. Germans are known for their meticulous planning and risk aversion.
  • Digitalization: The Netherlands has a more widespread adoption of digital processes in public and private sectors compared to Germany.

In addition, it’s crucial to adapt your keyword research to the Dutch language. Although both German and Dutch have West Germanic origins, the terms that the Dutch use when shopping online are different from their German counterparts. It’s a good rule of thumb to localize your keywords for your Amazon Netherlands business.

Adapting Your Business to the European Market via Amazon Netherlands

Exploring New Opportunities in the European Market with Amazon.nl

Amazon Netherlands serves as a gateway to the broader European market, offering opportunities for sellers to reach customers across different European countries. Understanding the logistics, regulatory requirements, and consumer preferences in the European market can help you expand your business beyond the borders of the Netherlands.

Expanding Your Range to Suit European Market Preferences

Adapting your product offerings to suit the preferences of European consumers, such as offering multilingual product information and complying with EU regulations and standards, can position your business for success in the European market through Amazon.nl. Tailoring your marketing and customer service to cater to a diverse European audience will enhance your competitiveness in the region.

Capturing a Share of the Millions of Products Available on Amazon Netherlands

With millions of products available on Amazon Netherlands, strategically positioning your offerings, leveraging Amazon Prime for fast shipping, and optimizing your product visibility are essential for capturing a share of the vast product catalog on Amazon.nl. By differentiating your products and providing exceptional value to customers, you can carve out a niche in the competitive European market.

Conclusion: Start Selling on Amazon in the Netherlands with YLT Translations

In conclusion, YLT Translations is poised to guide Amazon sellers through the intricacies of expanding into the Dutch and broader European marketplaces. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, tapping into the potential of Amazon.nl demands a strategic approach, one that considers the unique cultural, economic, and logistical nuances of selling in the Netherlands. By understanding consumer behavior, leveraging the power of Amazon’s logistics, and adapting to the digital preferences of Dutch and European customers, sellers can effectively position their products in this lucrative market. Whether it’s through optimized product listings, culturally-tailored marketing strategies, or a deep understanding of local ecommerce dynamics, YLT Translations can definitely help. Contact us to understand more about selling on Amazon.NL – we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions: Sell on Amazon Netherlands

Getting started: how do I become an Amazon seller in the Netherlands?

To begin selling on Amazon Netherlands, start by visiting Amazon Seller Central Europe and registering for a seller account. During registration, identify Amazon.nl as your main marketplace and select a selling plan that suits your business scale, choosing from Individual or Professional options. Then, complete the process by providing all necessary personal and financial details. Once your account is set up, you can start listing your products and initiate your selling journey.

Can I sell products on Amazon from a foreign country?

Absolutely, although there are important factors to take into account. Key among these is understanding the rules that apply to selling within certain countries, which can vary depending on where you live or where your company is incorporated.

How to Start Selling on Amazon EU?

To start selling on Amazon in Europe, follow these four steps: First, determine your selling location and products, keeping in mind local tax and regulatory requirements. Next, register an account on Amazon and list your products. Then, organize the shipping of your goods and handle order fulfillment. Lastly, manage your business operations, including customer support and handling returns.

Which country is best to sell Amazon products in?

Presently, the leading international marketplaces for third-party sellers on Amazon are the United States (80%), Canada (23%), the United Kingdom (15%), Germany (10%), and Mexico (10%). Expanding your sales to these international Amazon platforms can significantly broaden your customer reach.