Start Selling on Amazon Belgium: Everything a Seller Needs to Know

Nov 3, 2023



Amazon Belgium has been up and running for a full year now, and already boasts more than 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses selling on the platform. In its first year of operations, it earned a net of US$52.9mn in global sales, with a global rank of 2727. With a consumer base that boasts significant purchasing power and a penchant for online shopping, Amazon Belgium stands as a beacon of opportunity for savvy sellers. This extensive guide will equip you with the essential knowledge to navigate the intricacies of selling on this platform, ensuring your business not only takes off but also soars in the Belgian marketplace.

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Section 1: How to Start Selling on Amazon Belgium?

1.1 Creating a Seller Account on Amazon Belgium

To tap into the Belgian market, the first step is to set up your Amazon seller account. The process is straightforward but demands attention to detail. You will need to provide comprehensive business information, including a tax ID, bank account details, and potentially a credit card. Additionally, you’ll be asked to verify your identity, which is a crucial step in Amazon’s efforts to maintain a trusted marketplace. It’s advisable to consult with a local expert to ensure you are fully aware of the legal and business requirements specific to Belgium. Although YLT Translations does translate into Dutch and French, it’s still advisable to go to a translations agency that can translate legal documents for you — and it’s probably a good idea to confer with a Belgian lawyer who’s experienced in eCommerce.

1.2 Listing Products on Amazon Belgium

Once your account is set up, you’ll move on to listing your products. Amazon Seller Central is your dashboard for this task, where you can categorize your products, input detailed descriptions, set prices, and manage inventory. The key here is to make your listings as attractive and informative as possible. Detailed descriptions and professional photos can significantly improve your product’s visibility and appeal.

1.3 Logistics Partners and Shipping in Belgium

Belgium’s strategic location within Europe makes it an excellent logistical hub. When it comes to shipping, you have a choice between leveraging Amazon’s extensive logistics network or collaborating with local carriers. Consider the balance between cost, reliability, and speed when making your decision. Efficient distribution is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and a competitive edge.

1.4 Optimizing Listings for Amazon Belgium’s Customers

To attract and retain customers on Amazon Belgium, listing optimization is essential. This includes utilizing SEO strategies to improve product visibility, actively seeking customer reviews to build credibility, and engaging with customers to foster trust. Incorporating high-quality images and clear, consistent branding across your listings will also contribute to a better customer experience.

If you’re curious about how to go about this, check out this article on keyword localization and SEO – you’ll uncover the top tips and why proper keyword localization is crucial!

1.5 VAT Number and Tax Considerations

Securing a VAT number is a critical step before you start selling on Amazon Belgium. It’s essential for billing and tax purposes and is a mandatory requirement for trading within the EU. Be prepared to navigate VAT thresholds and understand the reporting requirements to avoid any legal complications.

Section 2: How to Expand Your Business on Amazon Belgium?

2.1 Advantages of Selling on Amazon Belgium

The advantages of selling on Amazon Belgium are manifold. The platform grants you access to a wide customer base that values quality and convenience. according to Statista, mid-2023 statistics showed that Gen Z and millennials in Belgium prefer to shop online for goods — whereas only 14% of baby boomers did, meaning they still prefer to shop face to face. If your product appeals to a younger demographic, Amazon Belgium might be a lucrative market for you.

2.2 Utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in Belgium

Amazon’s FBA program can be a game-changer for sellers. By automating the process of storage, packing, and shipping, FBA allows you to scale your business efficiently. This service can also handle customer service and returns, which can help maintain high customer satisfaction levels. FBA allows you access to Amazon Prime, and Belgians – like most European customers – really like the convenience of speedy deliveries. Although, it’s still advisable to run your numbers to see if FBA is the most profitable way for you. For what it’s worth, Amazon opened a fulfillment center in Antwerp, and still continues to cooperate with distribution centers in Germany and France.

2.3 Increasing Sales on Amazon Belgium

To increase sales, consider implementing a mix of competitive pricing, targeted advertising campaigns, and promotional strategies. Make use of Amazon’s advertising tools like Sponsored Products and A+ Content to enhance product visibility and conversion rates. Regularly analyzing the marketplace and adapting your offerings can also lead to increased sales.

2.4 The Role of Customer Service

The role of customer service in e-commerce cannot be overstated. Prompt and effective customer service can significantly impact customer loyalty and your brand reputation. Ensuring that you have a responsive customer service team, well-versed in local languages and customs, can set you apart from competitors.

Now, regardless of where you choose to expand to, customer service is paramount, and it involves a certain level of localization. You must take into account the needs and wants of your Belgian audience, especially if you’re just starting to sell to a Belgian customer base. We talk more about the best practices in international customer service; it’s worth a read to help you stay on top of your game internationally.

2.5 Collaborating with Partners and Platforms

Expanding your business on Amazon Belgium can be facilitated by partnering with local marketing agencies, using third-party analytical tools to gain market insights, and engaging with influencers to promote your products. These collaborations can open new avenues for business growth and customer acquisition. Also, it goes without saying that localizing your product listings for the Belgian market is a good idea – and a tricky practice, since more than 10 millions of customers speak English, Dutch, and/or French – and a smattering speak German. You’ll want to confer with experts in the space to help you navigate your way through this complex and fascinating country.

Section 3: How Can an Amazon Seller Maximize Profit Selling on Amazon Belgium?

3.1 Best Practices for More Sales

To maximize sales, employ data-driven strategies to understand customer behavior and preferences. Bundle products to increase average order value, and participate in Amazon deals and promotions to attract more customers. Also, consider seasonal marketing to capitalize on peak shopping times. Think about the public holidays in Belgium, and offer deals or seasonal products to appeal to your Belgian customer. Here’s a good list you can take advantage of.

3.2 Reaching New Customers

To reach new customers, diversify your product range and tailor your marketing efforts to resonate with the local audience. Embrace niche markets to reduce competition and cater to specific customer needs. Offering products in multiple languages, such as Dutch and French, can help expand your customer base within Belgium.

By the way, if you’re curious about translating from English to French, we’ve got you covered. (And Dutch, too!)

3.3 Analyzing Competition and Pricing Strategies

Competitive analysis is vital to stay ahead in the market. Monitor your competitors’ pricing strategies, product offerings, and customer service practices. Adjust your pricing to remain competitive but also ensure that your pricing strategy covers costs and maximizes profit margins. Although FBA is always a wise choice, you can also choose other business models to appeal to your Belgian buyer – there’s FBM, drop shipping, arbitrage, or white labeling. Choose the model that will generate the most profit for your business per month. And be sure to choose the right product, too! Due diligence is crucial – just because you’re already selling on Amazon US, UK, DE, or any of the other profitable markets, doesn’t mean that amazon.com.be is the same banana. Inasmuch as the customers are different, so too will their buying habits and customer expectations be. There are a million products to choose from – so do your research first to make sure your product will appeal to the Belgians – the Flemish, the Ostbelgien, or the Walloons.

3.4 Enhancing Brand Presence and Customer Loyalty

Developing a strong brand presence on Amazon Belgium can lead to increased customer loyalty. Build a brand store, use Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content feature, and actively engage with your customers through social media and email marketing. Prioritize customer satisfaction to encourage repeat business. Now, it would definitely help if you’re already selling on the other Amazon platforms that Belgians patronize – namely amazon.de, amazon.fr, or amazon.nl. Although Amazon Belgium is going strong and growing quickly, the neighboring marketplaces did serve the Belgians for some time, so there might still be a certain level of loyalty to neighboring marketplaces.

3.5 Scaling Your Business on Amazon

To scale your business, continuously explore new product opportunities and market trends. Invest in automation and efficient inventory management to handle increased order volumes. Scaling also involves ensuring that your business operations are compliant with local regulations and ready for potential audits.

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Conclusion: Explore an Up-and-Coming Marketplace in Europe with Amazon Belgium

Selling on Amazon Belgium presents a promising opportunity for retailers looking to expand their reach in Europe. By following this comprehensive guide, you can embark on a journey that not only introduces your products to a new market but also establishes a strong foothold in the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce. Success on Amazon Belgium requires strategic planning, customer-centric practices, and a thorough understanding of the marketplace. With dedication and the right approach, your business can thrive in this vibrant digital ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What language is spoken in Amazon Belgium?

Shoppers in Belgium now have access to a vast array of over 180 million items across more than 30 different categories. They can benefit from competitive pricing and swift delivery options. Additionally, customers can indulge in a tailored shopping journey with customer service available in their language of choice, be it French, Flemish, or English.

Is Belgium and Dutch the same language?

Dutch, a West Germanic language, serves as the principal language of the Netherlands and is one of the three sanctioned languages of Belgium, alongside French and German. Referred to as Nederlands in the Netherlands, it goes by the name of Flemish or Vlaams in Belgium.

Is Belgium a Dutch language?

In Belgium, the Dutch language is often called Flemish Dutch or Belgian Dutch (in Dutch, Vlaams Nederlands or Belgisch Nederlands). Approximately 60% of Belgium’s population, which amounts to around 6.5 million individuals out of an 11 million total, speak Dutch as their first language.

What is “build international listings in Amazon?”

The Build International Listings tool (BIL) assists in expanding your sales reach globally by facilitating the addition of offers and the coordination of prices across various marketplaces. With BIL, you can swiftly introduce multiple offers to additional marketplaces with ease.