Why Amazon Translations Are Key to Black Friday Success in Global Markets

Nov 13, 2019



With the advent of massive online marketplaces like Amazon, Black Friday has become a worldwide phenomenon and a huge opportunity for businesses to make money. Naturally, Black Friday is a great time for many Amazon sellers to expand into new markets, and Amazon translations become an important factor in how successful they will be.
With the new expansion, a company must adopt new strategies to make sure it stays ahead of any new competitors in the market. One of the key factors that every company should not ignore is the localization of your product/service through proper research and prior planning.

If you are an Amazon seller, here are some areas that you can employ as you venture into new markets.

Cultural Expectations Affect Product Reception & Sales

International markets have different expectations and demands according to their culture. These factors can affect how new products are received, and, ultimately, how well they sell. Therefore, it is essential for businesses, including Amazon sellers, to keep these cultural needs in mind when expanding.

Amazon translation services can help you ensure that you do not commit any cultural faux pas when you launch your products into the global marketplace. Maintaining the norms of the market you are entering will go a long way in having a successful Black Friday.

Translation Services Let You Localize Your Product or Services

Localizing your products or services to match the audience’s needs has a huge effect on how they fare against the competition, especially during Black Friday sales. Proper localization allows the company to present itself in a way that the customers can relate to through their language, preferences and terminology, among other things.
Customers may choose to buy a product simply because the brand uses their language. Studies have shown that buyers will often overlook the price and opt for product listings written in their language.
Amazon listing translation services aid in communicating effectively with your new market. What we mean is that the language used for the US market may be slightly different for the European market, and your Amazon product listing should reflect this regardless of where the product is launched, as this enables the company to establish a strong brand presence in the region.

Translation Services Allow for Precise Messaging

Translation of the message should be accurate, relevant and should help the brand transcend any cross-cultural boundaries without distorting the original message. Amazon listing translation partners can offer you accurate messaging in several languages to maximize the audience reach. Choose an Amazon translation service partner that offers high-quality and accurate translations as this is beneficial not only on Black Friday but also in the long-term.

Accurate Translations Build Trust with the New Market

Before you establish your brand in the new region, you must focus on building trust with your new buyers. This will lead to long-term relationships as the customers feel you are genuinely interested in their well-being.
Accurate translations facilitate opening communication channels that will help you get feedback, identify gaps in the market, know its needs and problems and take into consideration its opinions. Based on these findings, set realistic goals and objectives that you can fulfill. Remember to be real and open-minded about your plan with your new audience. Transparency should not be underestimated as it creates positive relationships between the market and your company on Black Friday or any other time.

The Bottom Line for Global Black Friday Success
As we have discussed above, accurate product listing translation is essential for Amazon sellers who are expanding into global markets. Given the massive opportunity Black Friday offers you, choosing the right translation service is critical.

People do not realize that they may successfully launch a product in the US market, but if they try launching it in Europe without taking the needs of those markets into account, the launch may fail.
YLT Translations offers tailor-made services for the various European markets. As we approach Black Friday, boost your international sales on Amazon by using translation services to sell your products abroad effectively.