What Converts a German Customer?

Jan 24, 2022



If you’re thinking of selling on Amazon Germany, you’re making the right decision. After all, it’s the second biggest platform after Amazon US. Around 50% of German nationals own an Amazon account.

So, what’s stopping you? Perhaps an unfamiliarity with the stoic German people, and what makes them tick?

Welcome to YLT’s increasingly popular YLT Translator Profiles. In this video, we introduce Silke, our German team lead and translator. She’s got the lowdown on:


  1. The kind of language that will convert German audiences
  2. The kind of writing style to employ
  3. The psyche of Germans and what they look for in a listing


The good news is, Germans are very loyal, and are happy to pay extra for quality. It may be an uphill climb trying to convert them at first, but once you have their attention, they’ll be loyal for the foreseeable future.

Click on the video below to hear Silke’s words of wisdom!