What Were the Top-Selling Items on Amazon in 2023?

Jan 19, 2024



Let’s take a look back at 2023 and check out which were the top-selling items across different categories. When you’re trying to find products to sell on your Amazon store, it definitely helps to look back on the year gone by to see where consumer sentiment may lie, because that will give a clue on profitable products that are worth selling in 2024.

Without a doubt, creating a comprehensive list of the popular items in each category would be a gargantuan (Herculean!) task, given Amazon has over 25,000 categories. If you’re already selling on Amazon, check out the bestsellers in the categories you sell in, but in case you’re looking for opportunities to expand, this article would be a big help.

It also goes without saying that maximizing your selling potential on Amazon involves a certain level of global expansion. For that, localization and effective translations – which involves keyword research specific to each country you sell in – are essential. As is doing research in every market to make sure that the data presented in the US market (the biggest, mind you) mirrors that data in every market that you sell in.

We maintain that the key to successful selling is:

  1. Finding the right product
  2. Accurate market research
  3. Answering customer needs and solving their problems
  4. Effective SEO customized to each market
  5. Localized marketing efforts that understands cultural nuances

So, read on. Let’s find the top-selling items in 2023 and see how that informs your 2024. Because who wouldn’t want that # 1 best seller badge, after all?

What are the Top-Selling Items and Categories?

Amazon Top Selling Items in Various Categories

When it comes to the top-selling items on Amazon in 2023, various product categories stand out. From electronics and gadgets to health and wellness products, each category has its own set of best-selling items that cater to the diverse needs of consumers.

Here’s a list of the top categories as of Q4 2023:

  1. Electricals
  2. Fashion and Apparel
  3. Leisure and Entertainment
  4. Home and DIY
  5. Health and Beauty
  6. Edible Grocery
  7. Household and Pet Supplies
  8. Office Supplies

It might be tempting to find a product in these categories and start selling in hopes that you rank among the top-selling products. But keep in mind that where the demand is high, so too is the supply – in other words, there’s stiff competition. As you probably already know, it’s not as easy as 1-2-3. There’s other things to consider, like how many positive reviews similar products get, profit margins and the possibility of sustaining your business past the first wave of ordering, if the products fit into your overall business mission and vision, and if the trend looks like it’ll stay for the long run, or if the higher numbers indicate a seasonal hike.

Key Factors Driving Sales for the Top-Selling Items on Amazon

The sales of top items on Amazon in 2023 were primarily driven by several key factors. These factors include effective marketing strategies, quality products, competitive pricing, and the overall convenience of the Amazon shopping experience.

If there’s one thing that the best selling products on Amazon did right, it’s to strike while the iron is hot. That involves answering a need and solving a problem. The only way you’ll understand what problems that your customers face is through adequate market research – in every single marketplace you sell on. The needs of Europeans are quite different from Asians, from Middle Easterners, from Australians, from Americans, from Latinos. Without a doubt, selling on all those markets is a wonderful way to safeguard your ecommerce business from the ups and downs in economics and trends, so it’s definitely something to look into if you haven’t already. Diversifying your selling efforts is a great way to get the word out about your Amazon product selection, and drive sales across different marketplaces.

Trends in Consumer Preferences

Understanding consumer preferences is paramount in identifying the top-selling items on Amazon in 2023. The trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly products, as well as the growing interest in tech gadgets for home automation, significantly influenced consumer choices and impacted the top-selling items on Amazon.

Here’s a short list of the trends that informed 2023:

  1. Heavier mobile shopping
  2. Growth in social commerce via selling through TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Personalized shopping experiences (by the way, this is where localization can be a huge help)
  4. AI to help brands understand their customers better
  5. Customers are concerned about zero-party data and privacy
  6. AR and VR enhance the shopping experience
  7. Voice search is rising in popularity
  8. Optimizing a business for conversion
  9. Subscriptions to retain loyal customers
  10. Value systems are crucial to customers and they’re more likely to support brands that align with those values
  11. Consumers are concerned about sustainability
  12. Livestream shopping
  13. Conversational marketing – put it this way, it’s the dawn of the popularity of the chatbot to help facilitate the selling experience

Chances are, this sentiment will continue well into 2024. Consumers want to feel seen and heard by brands, and the brands that acknowledge the needs and wants of their consumers – via convenient shopping options, attracting them through social media, and choosing sustainable products to sell – are likely to stick around for the long haul.

How to Find the Best Selling Products on Amazon in Your Category?

Use Product Research and Analysis to Gauge Best Selling Products

Conducting in-depth product research and analysis is vital in identifying the best-selling products on Amazon. This involves evaluating search volume, trend analysis, and understanding consumer demand to pinpoint products with the potential for high sales.

This is prime territory for localization efforts. Let’s say for example you sell beauty products. The best selling items in the USA are probably quite different from those in the Middle East. The weather conditions are different, affecting skin health differently, and cultural norms and standards will also have a say in the products that sell best. The same goes for one of the top-selling products – accessories that remove pet hair. Regions that are known for large fluffy dogs, like the wintery regions, will probably need lint brushes more than areas where dogs are small for condominium living, and therefore less hairy. That’s a big clue on where to allocate your inventory. Perhaps put a larger percentage of your pet hir removal products on FBA for Canada, Alaska, Sweden, and the like, and a little less for Singapore, Japan, etc. It’s important to do your market research in every region you sell in so you identify the potential in each market. For example, did you know that dogs are the most popular type of pet in Brazil? In 2022, 68 million of the 167.6 million pets in Brazil were dogs. Are you selling your lint brushes in Brazil yet?

This is where YLT’s AMOR (Amazon Market Opportunity Report) can come in very handy. It helps you remove the guesswork from your global expansion, to identify which countries are a good fit for your business. This will help you identify the best experience for your customers across the globe, and increase your chances of winding up on Amazon’s best seller list.

Understanding Market Trends to Identify the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Staying ahead of market trends is crucial for those looking to sell products on Amazon. By monitoring shifts in consumer behavior and preferences, sellers can adapt their product offerings to align with the current market trends, potentially leading to increased sales.

Some time ago, we uncovered that portable air conditioner sets were rising in popularity in Europe – a trend nobody could’ve seen coming. But when we dove deeper, this shift in buying behavior made tons of sense; Europe was going through an economic recession at the time, and a massive heat wave. Europeans couldn’t afford to set up air conditioning sets in their apartments, which weren’t outfitted to accommodate air conditioning units, but the heat inside their homes was oppressive. So there was a rise in portable air conditioners – a more affordable solution to the problem.

There are millions of products on Amazon, so it’s crucial for every seller to analyze consumer trends and shifts in buying behavior. This will help you identify which specific products can answer customer needs better.

Utilizing Amazon Best Sellers Page

One effective way to identify the best-selling products on Amazon is by leveraging the Amazon Best Sellers page. This resource provides valuable insights into the top-selling items across various categories, helping sellers stay informed about popular products and market trends.

The Amazon Bestseller Badge, represented by an orange ribbon icon on product pages, is indicative high sales ranking within a category, and is a helpful guide for customers when deciding which product to buy. Initially awarded to only one seller per category, Amazon has expanded the badge to the top 100 sellers in each category. However, not all categories display all bestsellers due to varying levels of competition. The badge is a big boost in sales for brands that earn it, sometimes even for unrelated search terms within the same category.

Interested in grabbing the Bestseller Badge for yourself? Focus on optimizing your product listings and sales strategies. A key factor is the Bestseller Rank (BSR), which is updated hourly by the A9 algorithm, and includes sales velocity and history. It’s important to conduct keyword research for all your listings in each region you sell in, so you target high-volume, relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions, and bullet points. Also, make sure you choose the right category, maintain competitive pricing, and implement advertising strategies like Amazon PPC campaigns.

Now, these tactics can increase your chances of getting found, bought, and grabbing that best sellers rank high score, but you also need to prioritize customer satisfaction and keep a positive seller rating in order to maintain your Amazon sales. No matter what your BSR is, and regardless of your goals, customer satisfaction and ethical selling practices should always be a top priority.

What Are the Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2024?

Identifying Best Products in Profitable Niches

Identifying profitable niches is crucial when determining the best products to sell on Amazon. By targeting specific niche markets with high demand and less competition, sellers can increase their chances of success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

First step – find a subcategory with high demand and low competition (so, a low number of listings you have to compete against). While broad categories may attract more customers, they also face intense competition from established brands, making it challenging for new sellers to stand out. Instead, focusing on everyday products that are consistently in demand can be more effective. Think about related to home use, such as small kitchen appliances, outdoor products, at-home gym equipment, or office supplies. Sellers should aim for products that are not trendy or seasonal but rather those that offer stability and necessity. Utilizing niche keyword tools, Amazon SEO tools, and the Amazon Best Seller list can help determine current market demands and identify specific areas within a category, such as yoga equipment within the fitness category, to build a targeted and viable inventory.

Second, assess the level of competition and potential profit margins. A search on Amazon can reveal the amount of competition within a niche, and areas where you can differentiate yourself, such as offering unique product features or better customer engagement. Try to aim for a 10% profit margin minimum, and pricing between the $30-$100 range, to align with market rates and affordability.

Third, consider storage and shipping costs, especially for larger items. Try to avoid overly niche markets with low sales volume; although the possibility of differentiating yourself is higher as a big fish in a small pond, items without much demand can increase storage fees, therefore eating into your profit margins.

It’s tempting to grab a product that’ll do well during seasonal highs, like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the like, but don’t forget that top-selling products on Amazon don’t just consider seasonal sales. You’ll want to sell a product that’ll do well even outside of high sales seasons to maximize your potential of grabbing that Amazon top selling accolade.

Optimizing Product Listings for All Products on Amazon

Optimizing product listings is essential for maximizing visibility and sales potential on Amazon. This includes utilizing relevant keywords, compelling product descriptions, high-quality images, and positive customer reviews to enhance the appeal of the product to potential buyers.

Unpacking product listing optimization is a blog all on its own, but here are a few tips to help you localize your listings to all markets you sell on:

  1. Conduct keyword research specific to each market. Don’t assume that the keywords for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia are the same just because they’re all English-speaking countries. Similarly, understand that the Spanish spoken in Spain and the Spanish spoken in Mexico are different. The same goes for French. People call products by different names depending on their language, so make sure you incorporate those nuances accordingly.
  2. Try to implement country-neutral marketing. This will save you time and money when localizing your marketing and branding across different regions. Look for marketing messages that hold water all over the world.
  3. Implement values in your mission and vision. Customers love brands whose values resonate with theirs, so consider value systems like integrity, inclusivity, diversity, equality, and so on.
  4. Pursue sustainability. This isn’t even an option anymore; using recycled materials in packaging, benefiting communities through outreach or corporate social responsibility, and the like – these really appeal to today’s customers of all ages.
  5. Consider external marketing as well. Don’t limit yourself to the traffic on Amazon. Part of your traffic should come from social media, websites, communities, affiliates, and so on. If you can implement social selling in your marketing strategy, all the better.

Folks, whether or not you get the top-selling badge, it’s good practice to keep those listings optimized and localized per locale you sell in. Help your customers find products through effective SEO, and you’ll increase your chances at becoming one of the top listings on Amazon.

Utilizing FBA for Maximum Impact and Make It Easier to Sell Online

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can significantly impact a seller’s success on the platform. By utilizing FBA, sellers can benefit from Amazon’s storage, packaging, and shipping services, offering a seamless purchasing experience for customers and potentially boosting sales.

With over 5.7 billion monthly visits globally, selling on Amazon through FBA allows businesses to tap into Amazon’s vast customer base. FBA simplifies the selling process by handling storage, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns for a fee. This program is particularly beneficial as it allows for faster delivery, including free two-day shipping for Prime members, and reduces the hassle and cost of managing inventory and shipping logistics for sellers.

The advantages of using FBA include lower shipping costs due to Amazon’s discounts with major carriers, faster shipping which appeals to Prime customers who typically spend more, increased storage space without the need for personal warehousing, comprehensive customer service management, and efficient handling of returns and refunds.

Point being, make it easier for customers to get your product. Ease any obstacles they may face. It’s highly likely that the products found on the best sellers list have very easy transaction processes, so customers keep coming back.

Here’s a little secret to guide you into 2024. Consider activating voice selling. That means customers can order and reorder their favorite products on their Amazon Alexa. Talk about making life easier for customers, huh?

What Are the Emerging Product Trends for Selling on Amazon in 2024?

Forecasting Popular Product Categories

Forecasting popular product categories is essential for staying ahead of emerging trends in 2024. Whether it’s the latest tech innovations, sustainable lifestyle products, or niche health and wellness items, sellers can position themselves for success by identifying and capitalizing on upcoming product trends.

According to Jungle Scout’s State of the Seller Survey, the top 10 categories that sellers have products listed in are as follows:

  1. Home & Kitchen
  2. Beauty & Personal Care
  3. Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry
  4. Toys & Games
  5. Health, Household, & Baby Care
  6. Baby
  7. Electronics
  8. Sports & Outdoors
  9. Pet Supplies
  10. Office Supplies

It’s worth it to keep an eye on research from leaders such as Jungle Scout on a regular basis. That way you can check if your favorite category is doing better or worse this 2024.

Identifying Upcoming Best Sellers Through Market Analysis

Market analysis plays a crucial role in identifying upcoming best sellers on Amazon. By monitoring consumer purchasing patterns, industry reports, and emerging market trends, sellers can anticipate the demand for new products and align their strategies accordingly.

We highly encourage you to get out there and network! Join a community of other Amazon sellers, go to conferences and listen to the talks, follow podcasts and webinars. This is the best way to stay on top of the latest industry news. Support the news you hear with your own market research through Product Opportunity Explorer on Amazon Seller Central,

Tapping into Niche Markets and Emerging Opportunities

Tapping into niche markets and emerging opportunities is key to capitalizing on the evolving Amazon marketplace in 2024. By identifying untapped niches and product categories with growth potential, sellers can position themselves as early adopters in emerging market segments, paving the way for future success.

Selling in niches with less competition actually makes a whole lot of sense. In the vast marketplace of Amazon, where finding a profitable product can be challenging, focusing on a niche – a smaller, specialized subset of a broader category – offers significant advantages. Niches typically have less competition compared to larger, more general categories. This reduced competition means you can more easily establish a presence and attract a specific set of customers who are looking for particular products. For instance, instead of competing in the broad “Health & Fitness” category, think about focusing on a narrower niche like “barre yoga for postpartum moms,” where the competition is less intense.

The key to success in these niches lies in targeting high-demand, low-competition areas with low seasonality, which ensures a consistent customer base. Utilizing tools like Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder and conducting research through platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok can help identify these profitable niches. These tools provide insights into emerging trends, sales performance, and competitive analysis, helping sellers find and analyze niches where they can effectively meet specific consumer needs. By focusing on a niche, sellers can leverage their unique offerings to stand out, meet specific customer demands, and increase their chances of becoming a bestseller on Amazon in a less crowded market space.

Conclusion: The Journey to Becoming a Top Seller is a Long One

So, to wrap things up, finding that unicorn product that’ll one day be a bestselling product on Amazon hinges on a lot of different things.

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Align product offerings with emerging consumer trends
  • Understand market dynamics
  • Tailor marketing efforts to cater to a diverse global audience
  • Localize and translate your listings and marketing efforts to consider SEO and cultural nuances
  • Employ Amazon FBA to increase profitability and enhance customer experience

To be honest, these tactics are best practices whether you’re aiming for that bestselling badge or not.

Which brings us to our concluding point…

Don’t get so obsessed with being a bestseller on Amazon that you lose sight of what really matters. Frankly, many of the bestsellers on Amazon have massive marketing budgets to play with (Amazon Basics, anyone), and lots of tools that smaller sellers simply can’t compete with. So focus on being the best seller you can be (as cliche as that sounds). Get out there, enjoy the ride, and focus on being the best offering for your customers. They are what’s important, not that bestseller badge. We believe that if you follow the best practices, and stay an ethical seller, and if you expand your business globally so you don’t put all your eggs in one (American?) basket, you increase your chances at being one of the top-selling products on Amazon.

Let’s wrap this up with a famous quote from the OG guru, Yoda: “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” Just keep selling, guys. Don’t worry too much about what’s selling best and what isn’t, because in our experience, eCommerce is a fickle beast, prone to change depending on a billion factors. So just keep on swimming (Dory, another OG guru). You’ll get there!

Interested in how to leverage localization and translation to boost your success on Amazon? Message us at info@ylt-translations.com. We’re always happy to help out!