Spain vs. Mexico: Surprise, the Keywords are Different!

Jan 10, 2022



Spain and Mexico. Both Spanish-speaking countries with so much promise for Amazon sellers that are thinking of expanding to a new culture. Amazon.es grew so rapidly, it had a workforce of 12,000 people at the end of 2020. It’s the top eCommerce platform in Spain. Mexicans meanwhile have the pick of the litter – Spanish-speaking Mexicans who prefer to purchase in their native tongue can log on to amazon.com.mx – Amazon opened up FBA in the country in 2015, so Mexico has a healthy eCommerce landscape of its own. However, Amazon USA also delivers to Mexico, so Mexicans have the option of buying from the mother site as well.

Considering how fast Amazon is growing and changing, it’s starting to make sense for sellers to expand to foreign markets. Choosing the right market is a crucial decision. It comes as a hefty surprise that Amazon Spain and Amazon Mexico are completely different. There are different mentalities, language and nuances, and even conversion tactics. Don’t make the mistake of getting your listing translated into Spanish then launching on both platforms – it’s crucial to localize your listing to suit the different needs of each culture.

We’re so excited to release our new video series – #ylttranslatorprofiles. The first of these is delivered by our very own Spanish Team Leader, Aida, a bubbly and knowledgeable Spaniard who leads translations for both Spain and Mexico. She’s the best person to provide a sneak peek into the goings-on of translating for both platforms.

Spoiler alert: the keywords are totally different. It’s so interesting that the keywords are so disparate, because they’re in the same language, but what you use to convert a Spanish customer is not the same as what you’d use to convert a Mexican customer. It’s the first glimpse into why a seller could ostensibly enter both Spain and Mexico – using totally different tactics.

Give the video a watch, then tell us what you think. It’s intriguing stuff. Don’t forget, if you need us to take a look at your listing to see where best practices aren’t being upheld, or if an added localization boost is needed, just shoot us an email or message us on social media. We’re happy to help, risk-free and free-of-charge.


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