Taking Amazon Networking to the Seas with Online Seller Cruise

Feb 22, 2022



Many Amazon networking events are very businesslike. You go to a 2 day Amazon conference, you give a talk, you go to dinners and networking functions, then you go home and follow up on the connections you’ve made. Usually, at big conferences, you get distracted by other things – sponsors, industry news and developments, partnerships, etc.

That’s why the 2022 Online Seller Cruise was such a breath of fresh air – or should I say sea air!

(Though for the first 2 days I got seasick! That was so new for me because I never get seasick on smaller boats. I’m so grateful for Amy Wees, who was such a lifesaver. Thank you Amy!) 🙏

It was my first cruise. I didn’t know what to expect. Suffice it to say, I had the best time, and it was such a memorable trip.

I felt that this Amazon Event stood out from the rest because it was more about the connections you make. People hung out organically. For 8 days, you were around the same people. Sure, you could hole yourself up in your room if you didn’t want to talk to people, but we were on a ship in the middle of the sea – eventually you’ll bump into the same people over and over again!

I loved it. Everything had this very intimate atmosphere. Even the venue where all the talks were held was the Piano Bar, which had a cozy vibe. People were just hanging out, drinking mimosas, chilling, and having fun. At most Amazon events, it’s all work – you don’t have much of a chance to just be yourself.

Perhaps we could learn something or two from the Online Seller Cruise. When the vibe is that casual and that intimate, you’re able to make deeper connections. You relax and have fun, and you’re just yourself. The people I met on the trip were all so much fun – we’ve gotten so close in a short amount of time.

Sure, the content was also amazing – that goes without saying. But it’s the ties that bind.

I was also really happy to have Luna, our COO by my side and to share this amazing travel with her.

Thank you so much, 2022 Online Seller Cruise! It was also my first time to see Aruba and Curacao – you broadened my horizons, we had so much fun, and I made so many new friends.

Sign up for the 2023 ride – it’s never too early! This was such a fun event, I can’t encourage you enough to try and get a spot. https://onlinesellercruise.com/


All the best,