Are You Making This Huge Mistake In Your German Listings?

Mar 1, 2022




In this week’s YLT Translator Profiles, our German Team Leader and Translator, Silke, explains why machine translation is a bad idea for English-to-German translations. When you weigh machine translation vs. human translation, the latter will always win, especially for a language as complex and intricate as German.

Making translation errors in Amazon listings can have dire consequences, as Silke illustrates in our video. Imagine using Google Translate to transform your listing from Amazon US to Amazon.de – you lose out on so much of the context, culture, nuance, and connotation of the language. (And don’t even get us started on your keywords!)

Although the example that Silke provides here is a laughable Google Translate fail, in real life, these errors can impact your rank and your conversion. Imagine trying to convert a high-end perfume market with these German errors!

The bottom line is, when you’re debating between machine vs human translation, the latter will always win. Especially when you’re trying to convert the stoic German shopper! Click PLAY to learn more about machine translations with the German language.