Amazon A+ Content: All About Localizing Your Amazon EBC

Feb 23, 2023



According to Forbes, incorporating Amazon A+ Content into your listing can increase your product sales by up to 10%! Amazon A+ Content will replace the product description, which tends to look like a wall of text, even if you incorporate paragraph breaks through HTML. In fact, if you employ a content writer who knows their stuff, they’ll weave emotional writing into your A+ content to help you connect to your audience even better. Many sellers consider A+ Content in their US or UK listings, but what about their European and Asian businesses? A+ Content is just as crucial in these markets. Imagine customers getting engaged by your gorgeous A+ Content, then finding your product in amazon.de and seeing only a wall of text in your product description. Or, even worse, the same A+ Content you put in your US listing, either in English, or in badly translated German. You’re losing major sales potential in the EU market by forgetting to localize your Amazon EBC. We go into the ins and outs on localizing your Amazon EBC in this blog.

Why is A+ Content So Necessary?

Our translators contribute: “In an online marketplace like Amazon, it is imperative to provide as much information as possible about a product.” The A+ helps customers better visualize the product and the value it adds to their lives. Thanks to this information, it manages customer expectations, which leads to less negative reviews and fewer returns.

According to Sellerapp, Amazon A+ Content:

  1. Grabs a shopper’s attention: use HD images, video, and formatted text to make an impact
  2. Pleases the eye and is easier to skim: A+ templates are an easy way to organize information on the listing in a visually attractive manner
  3. Brings your product to the limelight: when used in coordination with your secondary images, your A+ illustrates the benefits and uses of your product so shoppers get a comprehensive look prior to making a purchase
  4. Convert better: the content coverts better, product branding is higher, and the customer buying experience is improved. Many on-the-fence customers decide to buy the product because of the content featured in the A+
  5. Fight counterfeit: build your reputation and recognition. When customers recognize and understand your brand, they associate you as the rightful owner of the brand
  6. Uses proven marketing strategy: Amazon EBC looks just like a brochure! Every EBC uses marketing principles that have helped convert customers in many different types of media.
  7. Better reviews and reduced return rate: customers get a better understanding of your product, so you can expect fewer returns after purchase

Is It Crucial to Localize My Amazon A+ Content?

As with all the content on your listing, it’s imperative to localize your Amazon A+ Content. The good news is, there are no cultural differences in developing your A+ Content across Europe. The principles you’d implement for a successful Amazon EBC in Germany are the same ones you’d implement in France, Spain, Italy, and so forth.

Here are some pointers.

Create Brand-Specific Content

Make sure your branding reflects in your A+ content. If you choose to go through a content creator or a content writer to create your A+, make sure the copywriting tonality, content, and expression align with the bullet points. You want the text on your listing to flow seamlessly from images to bullet points to the A+. Similarly, your image array and your A+ images should look similar, but not be the same. Amazon says, “Images and text must be unique to A+. Avoid reusing the same images that are currently published in the image gallery of the page. A+ Content is intended to showcase unique aspects of the product.” In short, when customers scroll down your listing, they want to see a different dimension of your product by the time they reach the A+. Don’t bore them by featuring the same images as your secondary images!

To be clear, ensure that everything on your listing follows the same branding. You’re aiming for the customer experience you’d get from a curated boutique, not a garage sale, where everything’s hodgepodge and an assault on the senses.

Use Emotional and Narrative Content

…even if you’re selling products like plumbing accessories, car parts, tongue scrapers, or pill boxes! Your Amazon A+ Content is your opportunity to showcase your product in a unique way, to establish dependability and authority, and to enforce your brand goals. According to this article, 95% of customer decisions are made because of their emotions. It’s important to empathize with your customer. Are their toilets leaking, keeping them awake at night? Do they take pride in their cars and want to invest in quality automotive parts? Do they want to succeed on a first date with fresh breath and zero cavities? Or do they want to make sure their grandparents take their maintenance medicines on time? There’s always an emotional reason behind a purchase. A good content writer can help identify the core emotional benefit of your product. That’s the sort of stuff that should go into your A+ content.

Your bullet points have to be below 500 characters – and a chunk of that word count is devoted to keywords. You have more freedom in the A+ to weave a narrative around your product, using emotional copywriting. Take advantage of this!

Consider Your A+ Content a Short Online Brochure

A good A+ content with compelling copy and beautiful images looks just like a one page brochure. Perhaps your branding is minimalist, so you’ll stick to 3 colors in a neutral palette. Maybe your branding warrants a monochromatic color scheme. Whatever the case may be, make sure your A+ truly stands out, and communicates your brand goals at a single glance. Highlight product differentiating factors to make the product better understood.

The jury’s out whether the A+ Content should have lots of text to weave the narrative and fully explain the product – or whether the EBC content should contain more graphics. If your product use is intuitive, it makes sense to use more graphics. Also, if you’re appealing to children, you’ll want something with as little text as possible. On the other hand, if your product needs a little more explaining, take advantage of the space allocated to you in your A+, and manage customer expectations accordingly. You don’t want the product to arrive on your customers’ doorsteps, only for them to realize that crucial information was left out in the listing – that’s asking for a negative review, for sure.

What’s the Bottom Line?

To summarize:

  1. Amazon A+ content is a really good idea! It communicates your brand goals and product features in a visually appealing way to manage customer expectations and improve engagement.
  2. It’s crucial to localize your A+ content. Have the text translated into your target culture’s language, and make sure you double check the images with your localization expert as well to make sure they’ll convert and engage your target culture.
  3. The good news is, the principles that work with A+ content in one country are identical to the principles that drive conversion in another.
  4. Just make sure you communicate your brand goals in a visually appealing way!

And, most importantly, don’t forget: people buy based on their emotions. So, employ emotional and narrative content to drive purchases.

Do you use Amazon A+ content? Did you notice a hike in conversions when you first began? Share your experience with us!