How to Create the Best Video Ads on Amazon Europe

Aug 12, 2021



The best strategy to increase your conversion and sales rates tenfold is to use Amazon product videos. 


The Amazon European is a vast marketplace with a lot of competition. To effectively stand out from this competition, you need to create the best video ads possible for your European audience. 


Video ads highlight the features and benefits of your Amazon products. A better video ad will have a lasting impact on the customer, and it can be used on multiple platforms and social networks. 


Video ads help customers make deciding factors on the purchase of a product. However, the right strategies must be used to create compelling video ads that convert.  

If you want to know more about how to create the best video ads on Amazon Europe, keep reading.


The Benefits EU Video Advertising


In the European market, video ads can reach a large audience. Video Advertising allows you to amplify consumer confidence through product-related ads. You also increase traffic from search engines. 


Through video advertising, the time spent by visitors on your various ads increases considerably. People love to watch content, and video advertising is more captivating and engaging.


The Essentials of a Compelling Video for Amazon Europe


The formula for any product that sells is simple. Consumers ask themselves one small question: How can this product solve my pain points? Remember that emotions play a crucial role in selling products. Emotion and logic combined are the two critical components of purchase decisions.


Video advertising on Amazon helps highlight and explain to potential buyers the unique benefits of your product. Give the video a professional and fun touch to convince the customer that the product is of sublime value. 


A compelling video must stand out effectively from your competitors. When the video is interesting, traffic and subscribers increase significantly.

Here are some essential elements to make your video convincing on the European market:


#1 Follow Proper Video Ad Specifications


Just like your Amazon list, your Amazon video ad should follow the parameters and specifications set forth by Amazon. Failure to do so may mean your video is not accepted.


  • Dimensions – 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Less than 500MB
  • 15FPS Frame rate
  • 15 seconds in length or less


Your video ad will be displayed with your logo and an attractive headline. Both will also need to fall within the requirements. For a full view of specifications, visit Amazon Seller Central EU.


#1 Create a Detailed Outline of your Amazon Video


Before getting started, it is essential to make a detailed plan. Here, you must already know the elements to be highlighted in the video. You must have an idea of the text and graphics to use in your video. The choice of music to use, the staging of your product, etc. All of these elements should be mapped out before creating your video ad. 


You should also think about the sequences of your video. If you don’t want to film your footage, go to sites that offer video mock-ups. Sites like Promo.com provide a range of free images and videos that you can use to piece together your own Amazon video ad. 


You can create a stand-out video that helps gain consumer attention and drive sales for a reasonable price point. All with an easy to use video ad creation software. Every Amazon seller’s dream; budget-friendly!


#3 Add Text and Graphics


Text and graphics make the features and benefits of your product stand out and easily understood in a straightforward approach. 


In the EU Amazon market, in particular, you will need to use the best professional translating service so that your Amazon video ad reaches the regional audience you are targeting in just the right way. 


The text should be effective sales copy grabbing attention but also influencing purchase decisions. Failure to target your Amazon video ad to the appropriate marketplace you are selling in can mean the video doesn’t translate well, and a loss of conversions can occur.


ProTip: In whatever content you create, including Amazon video ads and your Amazon product listing, be sure to include a CTA – Call to Action! Tell your customer exactly what to do, i.e., Add to cart now!


Use simple language when presenting your Amazon product video ad text. Be clear, precise, and concise so consumers will quickly understand the message you are conveying. 


Here are some phrases to use to emphasize the specifics of your product, but keep in mind proper listing translation must occur to maintain the integrity of these phrases:


  • Only available on Amazon EU
  • You’ll love how easy to use this product is
  • We have the solution to your problem
  • Frontrunning, Supercharge, Luxury, Best, etc
  • Buy now and save


#4 Grab the Audience’s Attention in the First Few Seconds


You need to engage the consumer within the first few seconds of your Amazon video ad. Funny stories in videos can quickly capture the attention of visitors. Make up a brand story that the viewer is compelled by cute graphics, which can assist in grabbing attention while also unfolding your brand story. 


Place the information in the form of a pyramid. Start with the most critical information and end with the least important towards the end of the Amazon video ad. This helps hook the reader at the beginning of the video.



#5 Adapt the Video Content to the European Market


The way people perceive an ad varies from one culture to another, from one country to another. That’s why it’s important to know your target audience before launching Amazon product videos. Analyze the behaviors of consumers in Europe and gain a better cultural understanding of the marketplace you are selling in before making your video ads. (You may also choose to employ the services of a professional translator for the best language translations for your ads, as mentioned above.)


Leverage Your Amazon EU Video Ad by Being Brand Registered


Okay, great, you’ve created your Amazon product video ad; now you need to leverage your video ad across your online presence, not just on Amazon. 


  • Include it in your product listing
  • Place a product video in your brand storefront
  • Insert your product on your social media and website landing pages
  • Promote your video ad over Facebook ads with the correct parameters


Sponsored brand video ads are an effective way to drive traffic to Amazon products in the European market, but you will need to be brand registered to access this great feature. 


Being brand registered means you are a trademarked company, and Amazon weighs a little heavier your brand against non-trademarked brands on the platform. One of the bonuses is that you will be able to leverage yourself against your competition who is not brand registered and does not have the option to run sponsored video ads.


Because video ads are usually played by customers within minutes, the chances of making sales based on these video ads are much higher. Keep this in mind when debating if you should become brand registered in the Amazon EU marketplace. It’s worth the investment and ACOS if you ask us.


Optimize your Amazon EU Video Ads


Here are a few tips for optimizing your Amazon EU video ads. Remember that just like any other content in your business, Amazon video ads should be optimized at the video level and advertising level to best target the correct audience and make the most sales.


#1 Keep it Relevant


Consumers are constantly looking for exciting products that solve their problems better. That’s why videos must be adapted to their personality and expectations. Pay special attention to your video and focus on the specifics of your market to stay ahead of trends and be relevant. Set up an external customer service to talk to your consumers and interact with them over your website and social platforms. You’ll learn about specific behavior, expectations, desires, and pain points that your audience is looking to solve.


#2 Full Amazon Video Ad Optimization


It is essential to track your video pay-per-click advertising metrics. Click-through rate, impressions, and cost will be important metrics for you to pay close attention to, and you’ll be better equipped to understand what works and what doesn’t for your Amazon video ads. You need to take a cue from the previous video ads to improve the next ones. 


To do this, you need to pay attention to the text, graphics, background music, video staging, voice-overs, video style, layout, product conversion, and the success of the marketing strategies implemented. Optimize all of these elements combined until you get the best result. 


It may mean split testing a few of your videos with a similar audience to understand which video may have the most success. PickFu is an excellent split testing resource, and in a few simple steps, you can create polls and find a better direction for your ads.


#3 Choose the Best Performing Keywords 


Selecting the correct search terms is one of the essential factors in the success of your Amazon video ads. Your competitors may win the bids for some keywords, but look out for smaller, more relevant keywords to avoid a race to the bottom.


By researching the keywords your potential customers are searching for on Amazon, you’ll be able to provide them with the right product in the right place; your product.


It is essential to focus on the keywords on which your product is highly optimized. If you don’t know the ideal keywords, conduct a competitive analysis for the best amazon keyword optimization. Use an Amazon SEO service along with automated campaigns to find keywords from competing vendors. Look for those keywords that generate reasonable click-through rates and sales, and try them out in your next campaign.


#4 Set a Clear Budget for your Amazon Video Ads 


Setting budgets for your Amazon video ads in Europe or on any Amazon marketplace is essential to avoid high unnecessary ACOS. (Advertising Cost of Sales)


Costs can be more significant when you are at the beginning of your pay-per-click campaigns. As a campaign evolves, costs may become lower, which is ideal. Be prepared that you may have to invest 30-35% of your revenue in advertising at the start of the campaigns. But, once your product is ranked higher, you can decrease your advertising budget to 10-15% of your revenue. The budget is usually adjusted according to the group of keywords available. Competition, product pricing, and other factors can also break down the budget. 


Even if you are in the top Amazon SEO search results, you will want to occupy as much ad space as possible; this is known as Amazon real estate. Taking up as much Amazon real estate as possible means having a healthy advertising budget to support extra views and clicks. 




Using Amazon videos ads is a great way to stand out from the competition and compel your customers to take action. With the right tools and optimization, you can create the best video ads on Amazon Europe and effectively target and speak to your European customers.


Use these tips to leverage video ads and help drive traffic and increase conversions. Are you selling on Amazon EU and using video ads? Comment below!