Behind the Scenes at YLT Translations’ Spanish Department

Apr 26, 2022



Check out the latest of our wildly successful #ylttranslatorprofiles! Our Spanish team lead, Aida, gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to work at YLT Translations – including a quick insight into the health of the Mexican market.

Many people forget that Jana herself used to be a translator. One big controversy in the localization and translation industry is whether translators are underpaid and undervalued. In fact, we even published a blog about this hot topic – refresh your memory by clicking here. Many freelancers lament that they’re paid less than they’re worth – take for example subtitle translators, whom you can read about here. Jana knows what it’s like to work for translation firms large and small. For sure, YLT Translations will never be called an unjust employer. Jana’s priority is to make her team feel important and a crucial part of the organization.

Perhaps that’s one reason why YLT looks to expand its Latin American translators. YLT is poised to answer the demand for added translations because of excellent employee retention – which, of course, is due to a stellar company culture. Along with growth comes employee satisfaction – both work hand-in-hand to propel a company to higher heights.