We Now Offer Translation of Legal Documents and Corporate Paperwork

Jun 15, 2022



Big News!

You spoke, we listened, and here we are fulfilling your expansion needs.

YLT Translations is offering a new service on top of our usual localization. We’re excited to offer Sworn Translations, which allows us to translate an Amazon Seller’s legal documents and corporate documents.

Legal Documents

  • Court cases
  • Summons
  • Tax authority notifications

Corporate Documents

  • Certificates of incorporation
  • Tax certificates
  • Articles of association

We noticed our clients were having trouble with the back-end of their international expansion. These documents often exist in the language of origin, such as English for American sellers. But when you’re expanding to another country, you often have to provide these in that culture’s language, too.

“This new service falls hand in hand with what we’re currently doing,” Jana explains. “We’re offering a complete translation service for your Amazon business going international.”

This means sellers can now come to YLT Translations as a one-stop-shop for their international expansion, from the translation of legal documents, to the translation of documents needed for your corporate entity, and of course, as your trusted Amazon translator for your Amazon listing.

The translation of these documents into your target cultures is crucial to your international expansion. It’s one of the pitstops you have to make along the way. Without these documents in your target language, you cannot register your business, you cannot send your products to the inventory, and more. Essentially, it’s a step that many sellers overlook when they aim to go international – only to face a huge barrier to selling in their target country, because their documents haven’t been translated yet to the new language.

Imagine how exciting it is to expand to European or Asian Amazon platforms – only to face a large amount of red tape because your documents are still in English! Your entire timeline gets thrown off, and you might even spend extra on adjustments in your shipping schedules, because the target country won’t accept your inventory until it receives these documents in its mother tongue.

As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. Get the due diligence done by an expert early on and save yourself the headache down the road. It’s absolutely crucial that these documents are translated properly by an expert – the tiniest mistake could create a ripple effect in articles of incorporation, or tax documents, or paperwork that’s equally sensitive.

You wouldn’t leave your conversion and optimization to an amateur, would you? Don’t leave your legal and corporate documents to a beginner, either. If you’ve come to us for the localization of your listing, might as well get us to translate your back-end too – it’ll save you time, effort, and even money down the road.

Message us at info@ylt-translations.com to know more!