Amazon Sellers and Coronavirus: 6 Tips For Your Brand To Adapt To Current Changes

Apr 14, 2020





In the times of COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdowns, sellers are experiencing unprecedented changes to Amazon marketplaces as we now it.

From international shipping restrictions and non-essential categories suspension to a newly emerged ‘’quarantine economy’’, sellers are forced to pivot to stay in business.

With people around the world self-isolating and staying at home, there’s been an enormous pressure placed upon every business — no matter how big or small.

In this short blog post, I’ve listed the likely changes that will affect Amazon sellers in the coming months and a few action tips you’ll need to take to adapt your business.


1. Diversify Your Selection


Listing and selling your products across multiple Amazon marketplaces is always a smart strategy, but at this time it is more important than ever to stay in business.

If your sales on one marketplace are down, focus your advertising and optimization efforts on your other marketplaces.

If you have the ability, focus on essential products for customers that are self-isolating, working or studying from home.


2. Focus on local eCommerce


Ecommerce is still alive, now more than ever as more and more people are ordering online, but within country borders.

As more consumers turn online, demands increase for better pricing and free shipping.

In order to avoid restrictions and delays focus on the local demand and targeting.

There are no shipping restrictions inside Germany and the UK, so you might want to give these marketplaces more attention at this time.


3. Stay away from ‘’sensitive keywords’’


Do not include the terms in your product title or description that could be used in connection with some medical terms and conditions.

Avoid any words that translate into the following:

1. Anti-bacterial,

2. Anti-microbial,

3. Bacteria,

4. Viruses,

5. Biological Contaminants,

6. Fungus,

7. Sanitizers/Sanitisers,

8. Mold/Mould,

9. Non-toxic,

10. Mold/Mould Resistant,

11. Mold/Mould Spores,

12. Filter

In light of recent events, Amazon has also tightened the restricted words, especially when it comes to beauty products, such as Bath Wash.

Recently on the Italian market, we have experienced a problem with the phrase “Fastidi intimi” which means “intimate discomforts” which was flagged.


4. Show customers you care


One of the best things retailers can do right now is to promote online experiences related to your brand.

As your customers are adapting to isolation, restrictions and quarantine life, show that you are here to support them in any way you can.

Offer and promote gift cards, discounts or free shipping to your loyal consumers.

Remember the golden ‘’80-20” rule?

80 % of your sales are coming from 20% of your audience. Make sure your most loyal audience knows how much you appreciate them.

show that your amazon brand cares



Remember that you are in the business of serving people after all, so this is the time to show and add more human touch to your communication materials.

Pick up your phone and call your existing customers, or email them. Make sure to stay in touch- the existing relationship is what matters.

People need support now more than ever and let your brand show it.


5. Be transparent


Time is of the essence for many buyers, even for non-essential items. Disclose upfront any potential delays to prevent a bad experience for your customers.

Consider adding a coronavirus- related FAQ’s where customers can stay informed on deliveries and perhaps extra safety measures of your brand.


6. Restricted from selling? Find a silver lining


Restricted on Amazon at the moment?  Remember, this too shall pass.

Now is the perfect time to sit back and focus on the things you’ve been postponing for a while now. Optimize your listing, images, videos or your brand’s messaging and communication channels.

Be ready to double down on what works best for you as soon as the restriction has been lifted.

Amazon has begun to ease some category restrictions on FBA shipment creation (as of April 5). To see if your products are eligible, visit Amazon Seller Central.


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