Amazon Prime Day 2021: Last Min Seller’s Checklist

Aug 31, 2022



How to make sure you’re prepared for Amazon Prime Day 2021


1. Make sure you have enough inventory for a spike in sales


We know from previous years that Prime Day likely means a huge spike in demand for your product over the time period – imagine the sales potential over two whole days!

So, for private label products, be sure you’ve considered your inventory levels and make any necessary preparations now while there is still ample time.

2. Optimize Your Product Listing(s)


Another important aspect you’ll want to take into account is your product listings- making sure they are well optimized.

You will need more than just discounts on products to ramp up conversions and fully take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales.

If you’re looking to optimize your listing or to make sure your listings are top-notch for all Amazon marketplaces (EU, Japanese, US) don’t hesitate to contact us using this form or email directly at info@ylt-translations.com.

Check your titles, bullet points, images and descriptions to ensure they are up to date and ready to go.

And remember, if you’re selling on new or multiple marketplaces you need to pay special attention to making sure your listing is well translated and adjusted to the new audience.

I recently had a chat with Danny McMillan about the mistakes sellers are making with their listings. We audited a few poorly translated listings and pointed out the common mistakes sellers are making when launching on international markets.

Make sure this is not you!


3. Warm-up your audience with an email campaign


Depending on your product, you could also consider doing some mini competitions or rewards aimed towards your audience.

This way, they can get engaged with your brand before Prime Day hits, ideally putting any email campaigns into action 3-4 weeks before the date.


4. Apply for lightning deals & consider Amazon coupons


Lightning Deals are a great feature to attract buyers and go out available as one per customer until the promotional period expires or your inventory runs out.

As a third-party seller, you must make an application to be able to offer up Lightning Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020. Be sure to review your products before applying to check they meet Amazon’s deal requirements.

Amazon coupons also work well, drawing in customers with discount codes applied to certain products at checkout.


5. Adjust your pricing


Finally, as you’ll probably have heard on repeat, don’t hold back from changing the price of your products, as this could generate more sales on Amazon Prime Day 2020 as well as getting all your inventory sold.

This will also avoid the chance of incurring a long-term storage fee while naturally enhancing your BSR (Best Sellers Ranking), which is always a plus.


How YLT-Translations can help you 

If you need help with optimization and listing translation, me and my team are readily available. We operate in all Amazon marketplaces including Japan and real people are checking and taking care of your product listings.

We customize our process to fit you and your brand and you can rely on us to make sure you have everything set for one of the biggest Amazon holidays of the year.

if you need our assistance, we are always here to help.