Amazon products translations

August 14, 2017

European Amazon marketplace includes five countries (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France), which are growing every day. The level of competition is much lower than on marketplace, but has as many customers as the marketplace itself.

In order to expand your business to new markets, you need to have your products translated to target languages of the market want to sell on.

Only a third of our world speaks English language, and all customers expect you to address them in their own native language.

It is very important to have native and creative content writers, so that the customers don’t feel like they are reading a Google translate translation of the product. The language has to be clear and not misleading. The research shows that more than 60% of customers leave the page because of the poorly used language on it.
Google translate CAN translate the text, but you don’t know how it sounds to your customers. Nobody would want to have a customer who bought the item and didn’t get what he/she expected because of the misleading translation.

Poorly translated products can lead to two potential disasters:

1. Low traffic – Amazon requires keywords, titles, descriptions to be accurately written in the target language, so that the customer can look for it in the Search field. Some of the words are not going to be written in the same way as in English (e.g. German language will use a two-phrase word to express something which is written as a single word in English)

2. Low conversion rate – If your product listings are poorly translated, you will not get enough of relevant searches, which results in having a low conversion rate. Low conversion rates lead to low sales.

YLT Translations offers various types of translations for the following items:

1. Product descriptions
2. Keyword translations

3. Keyword research
4. Misspelling review
5. Bullet points

You will get a localized translation (English UK, German, Italian, Spanish and French) of your Amazon product within 48 hours.

Our prices start from 59eur per ASIN per language.*

*Prices can be negotiable depending on the number of ASINs.

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