Icelandic Language

September 25, 2016

There are only 350,000 speakers of Icelandic in the world.

Interestingly, the language has survived untouched since the Middle Ages. It was not named as the official language of Iceland until 2011. Icelandic is so pure that they had to invent different words, such as “computer”. They didn’t want to adopt foreign words, and since there was not a word for “computer” in the Middle Ages, they made a combination of the word “number” and the word “witch,” and got the Icelandic word for a computer: “tölva”.

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We offer the following services in Icelandic:

  • business translations
  • website translations
  • gaming translations
  • technical translations
  • marketing translations
  • video subtitling and media translations
  • SEO translations

Our translators offer the following language pairs: Icelandic to English (US), and English (US) to Icelandic.

It is very hard to find professional Icelandic translators, but we have managed to gather two translators with PhD degrees in the Icelandic language, residing in Iceland and working as university professors. You can rest assured that we will also deliver the highest-quality translations in this rare language.

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