German Language

September 25, 2016

German is one of the leading languages in the world, and we would say a top business language.

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We offer the following services in German:

  • business translations
  • website translations
  • medical translations
  • gaming translations
  • technical translations
  • marketing translations
  • video subtitling and media translations
  • SEO translations

Our translators offer the following language pairs: German to English (US), and English (US) to German.

We have so many satisfied clients because we only deliver high quality translations. We do not offer many languages, because we wanted to devote ourselves to a small group, so we could offer the best translations possible. We only hire native speaker and translators who hold BAs, MAs and PHDs in German language and literature.

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Do you want to learn German online?

Are you interested in learning German online? We can help! YLT Translations has great teachers who will help you learn German online. Find more info here.