English language and proofreading

September 25, 2016

English is the world’s leading language, and the world’s most-spoken language combining native and non-native speakers. If you need a translation to or from English, ask for a free quote. Our native translators and proof readers will be happy to help right away!

Translations between English, German and Nordic languages (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic)…

We offer translations to and from English to Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and German.

We have so many satisfied clients because we only deliver high-quality translations. We do not offer many languages, because we wanted to devote ourselves to a small group, so we could offer the best translations possible. We only hire native speakers and translators who hold BAs, MAs, and PHDs in English (US) language and literature.

All our translations to and from English are double-checked

In order to provide you with the highest quality translations, our native translators and proofreaders double-check the translations. As we have an experienced team of native translators and proofreaders, this does not take too much time, but drastically improves the quality of the translation, whether it is a marketing text, sales copy, medical text or legal document.

Let us know if you need a free quote.

3 reasons why you need a native translator and a proofreader

  • English translation is the face of your company or yourself, whether it is for a website, a legal document or a sales copy, if there are mistakes, you look bad
  • Everyone makes a mistake from time to time, but our quality assurance (native translator and native proofreader for each English translation) makes room for errors minimal
  • English is the translation everyone reads, English is lingua franca, and it is crucial that this translation is a high-quality one